How we can Act now!  Effect of COVID 19

  • It’s a difficult time for everybody but there are signs of a renewed focus in areas that could have positive implications for climate change going forward
  • We need to take advantage of these opportunities
  • We are challenging each of our Groups to start working on projects , that , we believe could have a significant impact at this time.

           Initial Ideas in wake of COVID 

 For Transport Group

How we can build on the positive opportunities, arising from changing working modes ,as a result of COVID 19. These opportunities includes a healthier work/life balance and reduction in emissions from Transport’

 For Community and Engagement Group

How have Surrey Citizen’s views on environment changed  as a result of the current crisis, and how can we build on that

 For Energy and Built Environment Group

'Making the strong case for retrofit as a way of reducing carbon emissions from our home and businesses, alongside changing behaviours  to improve energy efficiency. In addition to emphasise     the economic and social opportunity arising from Retro-fit  in the wake of COVID 19, particularly with regards employment’. 

 For Planning Strategy and Land Use Group

'Working alongside the other Groups and providing feasibility plans , e.g. on how a Retro-fit/Transport projects could be put in place, using both Public and Private Sector 


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