The Surrey Climate Commission was officially launched in June 2019, formed from a collaboration of organisations including Surrey University, Surrey Chambers of Commerce, Siemens, World Wildlife Fund and Surrey Wildlife Trust.


Dramatic Changes to UK Energy

Dorking Climate Emergency Group have put this useful summary together of how UK Energy has changed dramatically over the last 50 years

and what are the implications for the next 10, not only in where we source our energy but in how we must change consumption habits.

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Further information on 'Decarbonising Transport' report

Surrey Climate Commission 

Following our submission, back in September, and other responses to the 'Decarbonising Transport' report 

The DFT have now issued an updated newsletter explaining the findings from submissions as well as deliberative research carried out.

This will be a pre-cursor to the constructing of various policies and a Transport Plan.

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Snapshot Produced of Emissions in Surrey



Paul Street, MD of Environmental Consultancy 2 Sustain  and member of our Energy and Buildings Working Group

has produced a snappy one-page info graphic of where the carbon emissions are in Surrey.

At a glance we can now see where the major challenges are

See below for full graphic.

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Surrey Climate Commission Develop Action Readiness Assessment

The Commission have developed a Readiness Assessment that allows us to assess how ready certain climate saving activities/projects are

when measured against important criteria, such as Technical Capacity, availability of Policy, Financial and Community Readiness, and its ability

to be delivered. Adopting a process that has been successfully used by Leeds Climate Commission the Assessment 

uses a traffic light and scoring system to measure readiness. This will not only help identify those sectors  that are ready for project development and funding

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"The Surrey Climate Commission fills a crucial gap between national and local efforts to accelerate the scale and pace of action to address climate change."

Professor Chris Rapley CBE