Our vision is to accelerate the transition to clean, fair and sustainable energy across Surrey and beyond.

By doing this we will help Surrey businesses, organisations and individuals benefit from the clean energy revolution and be resilient to change, while reducing our collective carbon impact.

What is Surrey Energy Partnership?

The Surrey Energy Partnership is an open and collaborative network for all organisations with an interest in and / or impact on clean, fair and sustainable energy. With a focus on delivering projects and action, the Partnership links to national and regional strategies, while building on local and county-wide strengths.

Why does Surrey need an Energy Partnership?

Achieving net zero carbon in Surrey and the UK will require everyone to play their part, including local councils, businesses and communities. Surrey Energy Partnership creates a vehicle to harness cross-sector organisations that wish to work collaboratively to rise to the energy challenges facing Surrey. Living sustainably needs to become the norm if we are going to limit the impacts of climate change.  This means we collectively need to consider the value of carbon, the cost (and affordability) of energy, and the capacity of business and society for change.

About Surrey Energy Partnership

Surrey Energy Partnership was set up in 2019 by the University of Surrey to support collaborative working and research. The Partnership is an independent voluntary network and includes representatives from Surrey Climate Commission, Surrey County Council, the University of Surrey, SSE Energy, ThamesWey Group, local businesses and community organisations, among others. Membership is free and provides access to information, networking and events. Surrey Energy Partnership works very closely with Surrey Climate Commission, and the secretariat is provided by Surrey Climate Commission, with funding from the University of Surrey.  Read the Chair's report for 2022

SEP Steering Committee

The Partnership is guided by a Steering Committee, consisting of a Chair-person, Deputy Chair and circa twelve other committee members. Read the latest minutes

Aims and activities:

  • Surrey Energy Partnership encourages collaborative working between all members and other relevant organisations, to help further our shared aims. For example, facilitating project groups and workshops.
  • There is a regular email bulletin that is sent to all members. This includes news, information, events and potential funding opportunities.
  • Regular meetings (including events / conferences / seminars) are held to discuss topical issues, share good practice and encourage collaboration. Typically there are 2 – 3 Surrey Energy Partnership meetings per year.
  • Surrey Energy Partnership liaises with appropriate strategic partners (local, regional and national) in order to inform members of key policies & activities, and to gear up local action.

News, projects, volunteers and events:

Our current project groups are focussing on:

  • housing retrofit for net zero, and
  • renewable energy for Surrey.

Please get in touch if you would like to join either of these groups.

We need colleagues and practitioners to help identify the challenges and solutions that will make Surrey a more sustainable place to live and work. Do you have experience in a particular area? Are there barriers preventing you from doing what you need to do? Then get involved. The Partnership is only as effective as its members.


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Forum Meetings

February 2024: Making Housing Retrofit Work for Surrey. Recording (passcode: tqRJ6!8@)  See Downloads below for notes and presentations. 

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you and grow this collaborative network. Please contact Surrey Energy Partnership on info@surreyclimate.org.uk, or via the contact sheet here

The secretariat of the Surrey Energy Partnership is kindly funded by the University of Surrey.