Annual Community Group Survey: results now in!

16th May, 2024 - 13:34

Over 50 Surrey community groups active on the climate completed our annual survey. The survey showed that over 130,000 Surrey residents are reached by these groups, through a combination of newsletters, stalls, posters and through social media.

The groups are active across many different sectors: 58% are working on biodiversity projects, 44% in education, 38% are involved in waste reduction, 34% health and wellbeing, 32% of groups are working on energy, 30% on food, on transport and on water quality, and 22% on air quality.

Support needs are focussed around promoting messages to the wider community (66% of groups said this), requiring more funds (60%), valuing more networking opportunities with similar organisations (56%) and needing more volunteers (54%). Youth engagement was another area mentioned, by 38% of groups.

The Surrey Climate Commission is working to deliver improved support to groups in these areas.