Lord Deben slams the system ahead of landmark Surrey climate event

25th September, 2023 - 17:04

Lord Deben has spoken out about the real barriers blocking effective action on climate change in the UK. Due to speak at “What’s Stopping Us Stopping Climate Change?” at Leatherhead Theatre, Surrey at 6.30pm on 28 September, he’s said,

“We are failing to deliver on climate change and the whole political system is responsible.”

“Now more than ever, this is a critical discussion around how we set up the mechanism to ensure delivery, now and in the future, no matter which party is in power.”

“What’s Stopping Us Stopping Climate Change?” is being hosted by the Surrey Climate Commission and the Institute for Sustainability.

It will bring together representatives from Surrey’s community groups, public sector, businesses and academia to consider why there is a failure to take the transformative action needed on climate change.

The panel will be offering insights and examples of the blocks preventing delivery - and offering solutions.

Ed Straw, former global board PWC, has said “Our efforts aren't going to get anywhere unless we tackle the elephant in the room - our archaic government system.”

Natalie Bennett, Green Party peer, said "I'm often asked 'how can we get change?' My answer is always public engagement, people making politics what they do, rather than it being done to them. And that's what the Climate Commission is working on in Surrey, so I'm delighted to take part… what we need is system change, rather than business-as-usual with added technology.”

The Institute for Sustainability said “We are delighted to be working with the Surrey Climate Commission to unpick why is the government isn’t pulling all the stops to deliver on climate change. Our fellows will be joining the event and looking forward to the conversation.”  

At the end of the evening, the Surrey Climate Commission will make an announcement on a Surrey-wide initiative to deliver on some big-picture solutions discussed.

The event begins at 6.30pm and is open to all. Entrance is by donation and seats can be booked through Eventbrite.