Surrey Climate Commission oppose Northern Runway Project at Gatwick

1st December, 2021 - 18:36

SyCCom have just sent their response to the Northern Runway Consultation at Gatwick.

In it we have strongly opposed the introduction of this new live runway. Please see report below.

The extra runway would greatly increase carbon emissions at a time when we need to make reductions quickly to get back on track to our net zero targets.

It also strongly conflicts with the Central Climate Change Committee's progress report of 2021 which states that there should be no net expansion

of UK air capacity unless the sector is on target to out-perform it's net emissions trajectory.  In our opinion the report fails to demonstrate this.

In addition the proposal fails to demonstrate overall net employment or economic benefit.

On this point we believe there are much better greener ways to stimulate the economy.

There are also more points on impacts of pollution, bio-diversity and increased road traffic.