Surrey Climate Commission opposes Gatwick expansion

5th March, 2024 - 07:46

At the hearing today into the expansion of Gatwick Airport, the Surrey Climate Commission CIC will explain why it thinks the plans for transporting travellers to the enlarged airport are inadequate. The Commission has already pointed out that the government’s own advisers, the UK Climate Change Committee, has recommended no net airport expansion and asked why the advice is being ignored.

Spokesperson for the Surrey Climate Commission, Chris Hyde, says “We know too much carbon dioxide and other pollutants are being released into our atmosphere, and that the use of fossil fuels is the prime contributor. The project to expand Gatwick, to increase the number of flights, the operations needed to keep the airport running, and cars accessing the airport, will significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions and, in our view, should not go ahead.”

Not only will the proposal have a negative impact on the ability of the UK government to deliver its Net Zero strategy, says the Commission, the traffic generated by those travelling to the enlarged airport will increase local journey times. This will impose inconvenience and disruption to people in the local area. The Commission points out the limited investment in public transport will increase pressure on the London to Brighton train service and lead to more overcrowded trains.