Surrey Energy Advice website launched

8th February, 2023 - 16:56

The Surrey Energy Advice website launched today and provides a 1-stop shop for residents to find out about the support they can access for energy measures, tailored to their own circumstances. Support could range from grants for insulation and low-carbon heating methods and financial contributions from their borough or district council, to sourcing fuel vouchers in their local area.

The new tool will be updated whenever new support is available. People struggling to pay bills will find lots of valuable information, but the  Surrey Energy Advice website will also be a valuable source of information for the able-to-pay too, showing their eligibility for things like business match-funding through Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) and group purchasing schemes for projects such as solar installations.

Leaky Homes giveaway events at Surrey’s Warm Hubs will be shown soon too. If you know of events in your local area – for example energy efficiency or retrofitting advice events – or if you’d like posters or fliers about Surrey Energy Advice, please let us know at