Solar PV group-buying scheme for Surrey

10th August, 2023 - 16:13

It's now easier than ever for Surrey residents to purchase solar panels. The Solar Together scheme allows locals to group-buy panels and battery storage. Over six years, it has helped to install 17,000 solar panels. Households need only to register online, then they will be emailed a personal recommendation for a solar panel supplier. As the suppliers are pre-approved and in competition with one another, it's a safer and cheaper method of reducing households' carbon emissions and cutting down on energy bills.

Cycling Success for Surrey! 600 Local Residents Participate in Surrey's First Kidical Mass Cycle Rides

17th June, 2023 - 17:10

by Rachel Wood, Eco Earlswood


From cargo bikes to tandems and everything in between, around 300 people showed up to two Kidical Mass cycle rides, one in Earlswood & Redhill and another in Guildford, on the Coronation bank holiday Monday, in order to campaign for safer cycling spaces for kids. With bubble machines mounted on crossbars, flags secured to baskets and stereos blaring from handlebars, this was a ride to sit up and notice.

Pupils at George Abbot Secondary School Drive Sustainable Initiatives that Benefit the Whole Community

17th June, 2023 - 16:10

by Jane Wallace-Jones, Teacher of Geography and Sustainability Lead.

Young people today face huge challenges: a cost-of-living crisis, climate anxiety, pressure to succeed in high-stakes exams and the after-effects of covid. The pupils at George Abbot are facing these challenges head-on through a series of exciting initiatives to improve sustainability in their school and wider community.

The relentless increase in Greenhouse Gases

28th April, 2023 - 08:05

In this article, Commission Core Group member Paul Street comments on recent data showing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions – The Big One

28th April, 2023 - 07:27

In this article, Commission Core Group member Paul Street explains what consumption-based Scope 3 emissions are.

The term ‘Scope 3 emissions’ ’first appeared in the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, by World Resources Institute, back in 2001. It is actively used in mandatory carbon accounting/reporting and assessing the carbon impact a company is having.

Scope 1 emissions: This covers the GHG emissions that a company makes DIRECTLY, for example from the fuel to run vehicles or fuel combusted at the site in order to heat the building.

Launch of NEW small grant fund

10th March, 2023 - 09:20

Does your group need funding for environmental projects in Surrey? We’re launching a new small grant fund to help local communities and voluntary groups take action on sustainability and climate change.

A total grant fund of £17,000 is being made available by Surrey County Council, to provide grants of £100 - £2000 per application. Applications are open to local community and voluntary groups, with key criteria of supporting local action on sustainability and climate change.

Surrey County Council To Cut Back on Grass-Cutting to Promote Biodiversity

8th March, 2023 - 17:07


With plant and animal biodiversity both in general decline, the nationwide Blue Campaign encourages community groups, councils and individuals to find suitable land where nature can take over once again. Surrey County Council has recently announced significant changes to the way it manages over 3,000 miles of Surrey's hedgerows, verges and roundabouts. 


Surrey Energy Advice website launched

8th February, 2023 - 16:56

The Surrey Energy Advice website launched today and provides a 1-stop shop for residents to find out about the support they can access for energy measures, tailored to their own circumstances. Support could range from grants for insulation and low-carbon heating methods and financial contributions from their borough or district council, to sourcing fuel vouchers in their local area.

Transition Haslemere discusses its campaign for slower speeds and more active travel

7th February, 2023 - 16:06

A mass cycle ride, community suggestions for pedestrian and cycling improvements, creation of a new group, walkabout with a highways engineer, and collaboration with the town council are some of actions Transition Haslemere took on their journey to making the town a better place to live and to visit.